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23 August 2017
Fast forward through 40 years of technological advancement and diesel engines are vastly different.
19 July 2017
Injectors are an essential component in each engine, supplying the fuel or diesel to create combustion. They also work extremely hard. At 2,000rpm, each injector will fire 1,000 times per minute, so it is easy to see why injectors will inevitably wear over time.
16 June 2017
Fuel Injection might seem like a new technology, but it’s been around for nearly as long as the automotive industry itself, coming in a variety of different types and styles throughout their evolution.
19 May 2017
The distinctive property of a piezo crystal is that it changes shape when exposed to an electric current.
07 April 2017
Direct Fuel Injection is often talked about, but what exactly is it? And how does it apply to your car?
10 March 2017
It should then come as no surprise that AzNew is also a direct injection testing specialist.
01 February 2017
Many people think that upgrading the injectors in their car will help it go faster and give it better performance. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, bigger injectors are likely to result in the engine running ‘richer’ than normal resulting in ‘rough’ running characteristics.
20 January 2017
If your injectors are failing you may begin to notice symptoms such as a rough idle, poor performance, inability to reach higher rpm’s and surging or stuttering under various throttle loads.
09 December 2016
Water contamination is one of the biggest enemies to any diesel system.
25 November 2016
All of these advancements have all positively contributed to improvements in the diesel spectrum, but the main advancement and importance lies within the injectors themselves.

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