Diesel H20 Alarm

Protect your vehicle and your wallet! Install a Diesel H20 Alarm and keep devastating water damage away from costly common rail diesel components

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Diesel H20 Alarm

A breakthrough innovative new product from Aznew saving diesel vehicle owners thousands! Common-rail diesel cars, trucks, SUV's, 4WD and boats can all benefit from the protection and peace of mind a Diesel H20 Alarm can bring.

Common-rail diesel vehicles are very efficient. The diesel fluel flows at around 30,000 psi pressure and the injectors fire between 4 – 10 times on every compression stroke. At this level of pressure and with such precise fuel delivery there is NO tolerance for any contamination. A small amount of water (as little as 10mls!) in the diesel system will rapidly create rust and cause catastrophic damage to:

  • The common-rail injectors
  • The diesel fuel lines
  • The diesel fuel rail/s
  • The diesel fuel pump

Once water enters the system it is frighteningly abrasive at that high pressure. There have been reports of specialist diesel workshops submitting repair bills in excess of $10,000 on modern 4WD's!

How does water get in?

4 very significant ways that water can infiltrate the highly advanced common-rail diesel fuel system.

  1. High fuel temperatures (80C due to the heat sink created by the injector) with ~ 50 litres per hour returning to the fuel tank means the system can and will generate its own condensation - over time this can create water in the fuel tank
  2. Water builds up in the bottom of storage tanks at fuel stations through condensation and ground water seepage
  3. When fuel tankers refill service station tanks water can get in in wet conditions
  4. A serious risk in high-level water crossings for 4WD vehicles

Why pre-existing water protection systems don’t work...

Filters on common-rail diesel systems are often perceived to prevent water travelling through the system, but these filters allow water through just like diesel.

Aftermarket water separators can allow water through if not checked on long trips or very regularly. Only the smallest amount of water can cause catastrophic damage.

How the Diesel H2O Alarm works

The Diesel H20 Alarm can be fitted to any diesel engine and is fitted between the fuel tank and the filter.

The Flow of fuel is completely non-restrictive so it doesn’t upset the flow of fuel or the performance of the vehicle. It is highly sensitive, detecting only 5ml of water, enough to cause thousands of dollars damage. As soon as water is detected an audio and visual alarm will sound in the cabin notifying the driver. Every time the car is started, the alarm sounds for a few seconds so that you know it is working correctly. If water is detected, the diesel system can be flushed without any damage being caused.

Complete confidence and peace of mind once installed

Not only is the AzNew Diesel H2O Alarm designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, AzNew offers a LIFETIME warranty on the product.

For a small investment this product will protect the highly advanced and costly common-rail diesel system in your vehicle without hindering performance whatsoever.

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